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  • WINDCAST S 5000 - WD-S5000 WINDCAST S 5000 - WD-S5000

WINDCAST S 5000 - WD-S5000

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WINDCAST S 5000 - WD-S5000

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Windcast 'S' Reel

New shape, new look and new performance. As the name suggests the Windcast family are fast, distance casting reels that will serve a broad variety of fishing styles.

All models utilise the same spool taper and deliver high speed line release for distance casting. A feature also enhanced by the travelling line guard.

The Z is a dream to use. It features no less than eight smooth running CRBBs and the same wishbone handle of the Basiair. The X and Z have the valued QD quick drag function allowing big fish anglers to operate between ‘free spool’ and the drag engaged with less than one turn of the drag knob.

All three choices also come fitted with the High Impact HIP clip. A built in cushion on the pin ensures forgiving but secure line location, letting you cast on the button every time. Also available is a Long Distance 5000LD model in each range. The big capacity option is designed for anglers who may row out baits beyond casting range.

Other top features such as AirBail, DIGIGEAR and CastLock come as standard ensuring that every Windcast will blow you away with its performance.

Model No Ratio OZS B/B Line Capacity RRP Spool
WD-Z5000 4.9:1 20.5 8 CRBB 370m-15lbs £199.99 £30.00
WD-Z5500 4.9:1 20.5 8 CRBB 440m-15lbs £199.99 £30.00
WD-Z5000LD 4.9:1 20.5 8 CRBB 530m-15lbs £199.99 £30.00
WD-X5000 4.9:1 21.5 5 CRBB 370m-15lbs £149.99 £25.00
WD-X5500 4.9:1 21.5 5 CRBB 440m-15lbs £149.99 £25.00
WD-X5000LD 4.9:1 21.5 5 CRBB 530m-15lbs £149.99 £25.00
WD-S5000 4.9:1 22.6 4 370m-15lbs £99.99 £20.00
WD-S5500 4.9:1 22.6 4 440m-15lbs £99.99 £20.00
WD-S5000LD 4.9:1 22.6 4 530m-15lbs £99.99 £20.00

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