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  • WEDGE 60gm - WED60 WEDGE 60gm - WED60

WEDGE 60gm - WED60

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Extra-long casting lure with a good wobbling action. The Holographic finish gives out loads of flash and attracts all predatory fish. You can use them with a steady retrieve, sink and draw or even for jigging from the boat.
If you are only going to buy one lure for sea fishing then this is the arguably the one to get.
Probably no other "lump of metal" has over the years caught as many bass as the Dexter Wedge. The "Wedge" can be fish from both shore and boat and the bass just love them wherever you are. From the shore the compact shape casts really well, even into the wind, and the wobbling fluttering action combined with the flash from the holographic finish imitates as wounded fish. Both a steady retrieve and "sink and draw" work well and it pays to vary your retrieve until you find what is working on the day. The smaller sizes are good for shallow water and/or calm days whilst the larger lures come into their own in deeper water or strong on-shore winds. The larger sizes are also very good from the boat where they often fished by casting down tide from a drifting boat and then worked back through the bass shoals. 

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