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  • Sticky Bloodworm Shelf Life 20MM 5KG - BLST20 Sticky Bloodworm Shelf Life 20MM 5KG - BLST20

Sticky Bloodworm Shelf Life 20MM 5KG - BLST20

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Sticky Baits Shelf Life Bloodworm Boilies

The highly-acclaimed Sticky Bloodworm boilies were launced in 2009 and have gone from strength to strength ever since proving the downfall of many of the country's most sought-after carp.

This shelf life version takes away the hassle of having to store freezer bait and can be left in your carryall between sessions. Sticky Bloodworm Shelf Life Boilies contain all the same proven attractors as the freezer bait.Most bait companies have a red fishmeal type bait in their range and the Sticky Bloodworm Shelf Life Boilies are their slant on it. Based on a combination of low temperature and soluble fishmeals

Sticky have tried to keep the Sticky Bloodworm Shelf Life Boilies as natural as possible. Specially imported crustacean extracts blood plasma and plenty of fresh bloodworm go a long way towards achieving this.

No red fishmeal is complete without the addition of robin red. The capsaicin it contains is detected by receptors that exist on a carp's lateral line. Paprika is extremely rich in capsaicin so a naturally emulsified oleoresin has also been included to boost attractions further still.You won't find any flavours or chemicals in this one just the optimum amount of the awesome Hydrolysed Bloodworm Compound.

Available in: 20mm 5kg bags.

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