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  • SG LINETHRU RUDD 216G MS - 53760 SG LINETHRU RUDD 216G MS - 53760


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If you’re looking for realistic 3D imitation lures for all your predator fishing then there is only one brand you can turn to - Savage Gear. They produce their own 3D imitation lures based on 3D scans of the real animal and you’ll be amazed how lifelike these lures look. The Line Thru Rudd incorporates the line thru system that helps when striking. The rudd is one of the most recognisable prey fish for countless predators and Savage Gear has imitated it perfectly in terms of both colour and size. However, the Savage Gear team didn’t stop at looks when designing their realistic rudd. The body of the roach has been spilt into three sections, with each moving independently. This means that as you pull the fish through the water it performs in a fantastic S-Curve shape which really makes it look as if the rudd is swimming through the water. The fins of the 3D Line Thru Rudd are soft, which allows them to move with the body of the fish in order to further enhance the movement of the lure. One of the most innovative aspects of the 3D Line Thru Rudd is that the hook is able to hang free of the lure. This differs from other lures, where the hook rests within the body, causing damage to both the fish and the imitation bait on a take, this hook placement ensures that your hook holds without injuring the fish and, because it can pull free, it doesn’t cause damage to the lure either. The Savage Gear 3D Line Thru Rudd is available in two sizes - a smaller 18cm fish and a larger 25cm version - and five different styles. This ensures that you can always pick the perfect imitation lure for your angling style, no matter what size or type of predator you’re targeting.

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