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  • RG 365 PELLET 3MM 5KG - RG00077 RG 365 PELLET 3MM 5KG - RG00077

RG 365 PELLET 3MM 5KG - RG00077

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Product Description

The “365” pellet range, a pellet ideal for year round usage. The 365 pellet boasts an extra quick breakdown process to maximise attraction even when applied in the coldest of temperatures, its attraction properties are emphasised through the inclusion of the 365 liquid food and flavour enhancer, giving the pellet a sweet but subtle aroma and taste of which, carp truly love.

The inclusion of natural sugars in our 365 pellet make the pellet a high energy food source, once digested the 365 pellet will provide sufficient energy allowing fish to move around and search for food, something extremely valuable, especially during the colder months when fish remain more dormant. With a low level oil content of roughly 6% and protein content in excess of 30% the 365 pellet proves as a great digestible food source regardless of water temperature.

This pellet is not one to be ignored, guaranteed to stimulate the fish into feeding mode at the hardest of times! Ideal for use in stick, spod and bag mixes alike, attraction of the 365 pellet can be increased when used in conjunction with the 365 liquid food, 365 bait soak and 365 bait spray.

Available in: 3mm 365 pellets 5kg tub

Additional Information

SKU 5D1-586-4CD56
Manufacturer RG Baits
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