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Predator & Pike Reels

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Predator & Pike reels

In order to understand what you need from a predator reel, you need to understand the method you intend to use. Lure fishing and deadbait fishing are two very different beasts, after all, and the tackle you tackle them with makes all the difference. A pike reel needs to strike the balance between being strong enough to deal with the aggression of predators, without being so powerful they run the risk of damaging smaller fish - although this is more of an issue for lure fishing pike reels. Depending on your method, certain features will also help you significantly. 

Lure reels

There's an art to enticing predatory fish. They don't just go after anything that moves, or in they wild they'd spend a lot of time eating rubbish and leaf litter. No, they know what's a fish and what's not - or so they think. 

Lures are designed to look, an in many cases move, just like a prey fish. The idea is that once you've cast your line to the target area, you begin to reel it in. Jerky motions, consistent movement, there are a few techniques used to try and attract your quarry. This means your pike reel will need to have a great deal of control to properly emulate the movement that predators react to. 

Generally, reels within the 2500-3000 spool range will serve this purpose quite well, although in some cases features may make up for roaming slightly out of that area. That part, however, is mostly up to your discretion. Just remember what you'll need it for and your pike reel will serve you right. 

Deadbait reels

The bigger, stronger predators need a bigger, stronger predator reel. The method here is to put a hunk of deadbait - literally, the meat of one of the target fish's natural food sources - on a heavy-duty rig and cast it out. Many people prefer to cast and leave it, similar to carp fishing. This is simpler, and you can get away with simpler rigs and setups. 

Standard deadbait fishing reels are generally more sturdy and powerful than lure reels. They have to deal with the heavier end of the spectrum, as deadbait generally allows you to target larger species. Due to the similarity in method to Carp fishing, the freespool feature on many carp focused reels is often used in predator reels as well. Indeed, many carp reels actually make good pike reels. 

Predator reels at Fishing Republic

Here at Fishing Republic, we offer all the latest ranges from all the greatest predator tackle brands. Check through our website or head into one of ours shops for pike reels from manufacturers like Shimano, Daiwa and Fox Rage. Or if you'd rather check our other disciplines, we also offer Carp, Coarse, Sea and Fly reels. 

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