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  • Onduspoon N03-45g/ 1/2 Oz Slow - SLOW SK-45g/1-1/2 Oz Onduspoon N03-45g/ 1/2 Oz Slow - SLOW SK-45g/1-1/2 Oz

Onduspoon N03-45g/ 1/2 Oz Slow - SLOW SK-45g/1-1/2 Oz

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A fluid, natural appearance, its mesmerizing undulation and multi-chambered hard plastic body filled with noisy rattle beads distinguish the SEBILE Onduspoon from all the rest. The Onduspoon is a hard plastic, noisy chattering spoon cleverly designed not to twist your line even when you burn it back or troll it. That`s right, the Onduspoon`s exceptional internal balance makes it immune to line twist.

The Onduspoon contains a unique sequence of rattle chambers inside. A precise ratio of beads inside each chambercontribute to the balance andaction.They also provide non-stop fish attracting noise and vibration. This lure is as noisy as any you have ever heard!

* The Onduspoon has different curved sides along the longitudinal axis which allows the bait to sink slowly to the desired depth thus can be fished shallow
* Unique front weighted design and rattle counterbalance allows the Onduspoon to maintain its desired depth on medium to slow retrieves
* N3 version is unique in the fact that during a slow to medium trolling speed it will rotate 3-7 times clockwise and then 3-7 times counterclockwise eliminating line twist
* Can be used in a wide variety of fishing techniques whether power or finesse
* 15 rattle beads create a very noisy spoon

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