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  • Nash Toprod Airball Scopex Squid 15mm Nash Toprod Airball Scopex Squid 15mm

Nash Toprod Airball Scopex Squid 15mm

Despatch Time: 1 - 3 Days
Revolutionary boiled Pop-ups Long lasting buoyancy Controlled 10% expansion Same ingredients & flavours as Top Rod boilies High, long term attractor leakage Retain buoyancy even when punctured Can be mounted directly onto a hair rig Provide a real edge to your fishing


The top rod Airball pop ups have the identical flavours and additives that the Top Rod boilies have in the same ratios. We colour them as close as possible the same colour as the boilies so they are natural when fished over bait We seriously think they are superior to cork ball pop ups because they are not (skinned) and are porous which allows the flavours to leak out in the same manor as the free offerings, so the hookbait appears natural to any fish that are eating the free offerings. The 15 and 20mm Airball pop ups are as accurately as possible pre balanced to be perfect pop ups that sit just right with the equivalent of one BB shot and a size 6 hook. This is done by blending the pop up mix with the boilie base mix which further enhances and mimics the free offerings. The 10mm and the 10 x 15mm pop ups are made as buoyant as possible, that can be used for zig rig fishing, critically balancing rigs, subtle pop up rigs and floater fishing. Many anglers use the 10mm Airball pop ups to balance a 15mm bottom bait which is a very good method but in fact if you want to really critically balance a 15mm bottom bait the 10 x 15mm boilie pellet Airball pop ups are a much better option. A 10 x 15mm pop up will lift most 15mm baits of the bottom even with a largish hook. If you mount the pop up across its length it is a simple matter of pinching of the ends untill you have the most critical, slow sinking bait possible. We like to have the hook eye just touching the bottom to cast out but as the bottom bait takes in water the rig will slowly adjust with the bait just settling on the bottom after several hours. This gives you much more time each cast that the rig is a true critically balanced presentation. Airball pop ups are also wicked floater fishing hook baits. The 20mm pop ups can be trimmed down untill they become sort of reversed critically balanced baits that the carp will suck of the surface much easier than over buoyant baits. They also stay on the rig much better than biscuits and look and smell much better than plastic hook baits. Also if you have been bottom fishing with the same flavour then the carp will recognize the hook bait as food, so takes will be easier to get.

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