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Long Arm Release Tool

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RRP £29.99.. OFFER PRICE..  £9.99.!!
Superb alternative to using a landing net when you are fishing Catch & Release for Trout.. or ANY other fish..!!
This is essentially, a high quality, All-Aluminium, telescopic landing net handle which has a aluminium 'Ketchum Release' type, slotted catch & release tool instead of a landing net head.
VERY simple to use..
You simply play the fish as you normally would..
Then, instead of netting the fish, you slide the slotted head of the tool onto the taut nylon/leader.. with the slot facing downward.
Then, with the slot facing down, keeping just enough tension on to keep the nylon in the slot, you gently slide the head down the line as you draw the fish in towards you..
(in the same way you would if your were netting it..)
As the fish's head approaches the tool, the slotted head will automatically find its way to the fly..
When the head gets to the fly, simply push the tool away from you with a slight twisting motion..
And the fly is gently eased out of the fish and released.. while it is still in the water..!!
Please Note:  This tool obviously works more smoothly and efficiently when used with BARBLESS HOOKS.. (or De-Barbed Hooks) which you should be using anyway, if you are fishing 'Catch & Release'..
The main picture shows how the fly engages in the slotted head..

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