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LIVE SYSTEM BOILIE SESSION PACK This money-saving pack enables you to buy one product that gives you a complete package of baits based on our superb Live System Boilies. Instead of having to buy several different baits these packs supply them in a convenient, discounted collection, enabling you to save money and storage whilst using top quality baits that have an outstanding record of catching large specimens of most coarse fish species. Live System boilies are used by some of the most successful anglers in the U.K and Europe and are designed for use as either a short-term attractor or long term food bait. Whether fishing a short session or planning a long term campaign, the 'Live System Boilie Session Pack' offers you fantastic value for money and will help you put more fish on the bank this year. Each pack is supplied in a camou bait bucket and contains the following bait items: 1kg Shelf Life Boilies (15mm) Produced to the same high spec formulations as our devastating freezer baits, these top quality boilies contain a small amount of a natural preservative to ensure their freshness is maintained. Packed with powerful fish attractants and the finest ingredients available they are highly digestible, year round baits that fish find practically irresistible. 2kg Pellets (6mm) Containing the same key attractors as the boilies from the same range, these high quality pellets release powerful feeding triggers that create a water-soluble cloud of attraction that draws fish to your baited area. These pellets are ideal for use in conjunction with either the bait dip supplied or our new Feedstim XP appetite stimulant. 250ml Concentrated Bait Dip (PVA friendly) Supplying the same liquid attractors as those found in the matching boilies, these dips enable the angler to give freebies, hookbaits and pellets a powerful boost of attraction that allows the food signal to be carried further through the water as each item breaks down. Each dip is based on natural food products so cannot be over applied. 20 x Shelf Life Pop Ups (15mm) Carefully matched to the corresponding bottom bait these pop ups contain the same high levels of attractors that make the boilie so effective.These pop ups contain the irrestible Live System base making them incredibly attractive in their own right. These pop ups are very buoyant and can easily be trimmed or cut to size. Live System contains highly digestible milk and vegetable proteins that are combined with bird foods and ‘live’ ingredients from the fermentation industry. The cream palatant and natural sweetener it contains creates a rounded, creamy taste and aroma that stimulates fish to feed when many other baits fail, making it a great year round option. Boilie Colour Variation: Our boilies do not contain synthetic dyes so different batches of the same bait may vary in colour. This is due to natural colour variations in some of the ingredients we use (such as fish meals, spices, natural extracts etc) and does not affect the quality or performance of the bait. Our baits are as naturally attractive as we can make them... and this includes some occasional, naturally-derived colour variations as you find with natural, wholesome foods that fish feed on in their own environment (such as snails, mussels, bloodworm etc). Fishing in weed? Click here for our Live System Weedbeater Mix that delivers high levels of attraction and perfect presentation in one great product.

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