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Key Features

  • Extremely small diameter
  • Super High Strength in tension
  • Super strong lagging
  • Guaranteed high strength node
  • Excellent resistance to wear
  • Ideal for all water
  • Sink naturally


Using the latest hi-tech fibers and advanced polymers, this stunning and modern material przyponowy provides everything you'll ever need in a modern karpiowaniu. With a very small diameter, the strength of this material is remarkable. To protect the main weave, it has been strengthened by a very resistant polymer using the process of applying a plurality of layers of which provides an effect similar to the laminate.

In fact it applies not less than thirty layers to form the outer shell! This gives the product carp friendly and extremely durable, which can be used with confidence even in the most difficult conditions, such as hard hooks, stones and mussels.

Synx is well-balanced material przyponowym designed to perfectly adhere to the bottom, designed for all currently used leaders. Regardless of whether we fish on the mud, sand, hard bottom and rocks it adapts perfectly to the ground. In an attempt at a very small diameter she gave advice to confuse even the most wary fish, while his armored coating ensures that all important inner strands are fully protected against dangerous, sharp hooks and causing wear.

The degree of stiffness and memory play an important role in many of today's successful przyponach and their importance is not exaggerated. For example, in the case of leaders type CHOD - Synx retain its curved shape even after a fish.

Working on the material using your finger and thumb desired shape can be achieved in a very simply way. Even at full voltage while taking - Synx return immediately to its shape.

By using it straight from the spool or removing lagging gain a huge range of possibilities to choose from a countless number of rigs that can turn it into .. Blow-Back, Come, Combi, Hinge, KD, Stiff and not only, in fact, the possibility of presenting Synx are almost limitless and the only limitation may be your imagination.

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