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  • Korda ADRENA-LINE 18lb 1000m Spool Korda ADRENA-LINE 18lb 1000m Spool

Korda ADRENA-LINE 18lb 1000m Spool

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Korda ADRENA-LINE 18lb 1000m Spool




Adrena-line has been developed by the Korda Team to a demanding specification.They required a line that was soft enough to outcast anything that was currently available whilst being tough enough to withstand the rigours of modern carping tactics.Adrena-line combines extreme suppleness with a level of toughness and durability that would normally only be associated with coarse wiry lines that are difiicult to work with. Adrena-Line is formulated to have a low friction surface finish which is exceptionally slick to provide ultimate casting performance. Because of this Korda do not recommend tying with aa once through grinner eye knot however a 3 times through the eye grinner will provide full stated strength.
Available in 10lb (Actual average breaking strain 12.4lb -0.30 mm diameter) 12lb (Actual average breaking strain 13.4lb -0.33 mm diameter) 15lb (Actual average breaking strain 15.8lb -0.35 mm diameter) and 18lb (Actual average breaking strain 18.9lb -0.38 mm diameter) in 250 metre and 1000 metre spools

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