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  • FROZEN MACH 1 BOILIES 10mm - B9395 FROZEN MACH 1 BOILIES 10mm - B9395


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Nashbait Top Rod Mach 1 Boilies Nashbaits Top Rod boilies are made from our own base mixes so there is several very unique recipes that are matched to the best flavour recipe's we have ever tested. The Top Rod boilies are very good food, designed to feed mature fish and have a complicated nutritional make up from a wide range of different ingredients so the food signals are difficult for the carp to identify so the recipes are very long lasting, just like a good flavour recipe. MACH 1 is a very fishy bait that is brilliant in big low stocked waters which is what it was designed for but it works equally well in any venue. It is a very complex flavour system with a terrific oil/water soluble formula that retains the taste of the bait but also sends out attraction into the surrounding water, at all depths. It really is a bait that is almost too attractive but the blend allows for high smell/taste that would not be possible with a simple one or two flavour recipe. MACH 1 is a proven big fish catcher and will catch even in cold water, regardless of its fishy make up.

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