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Trakker | Superdome Bivvies | Fishing Republic

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Superdome Bivvy

Trakker have long been a big name in bivvies, having come out with some phenomenal offerings in the past; The Tempest, The Armo, and now its latest and greatest bivvy, the Superdome. 

The superdome sports a pram roof design, similar to their Armo shelters and just as easy to set up. It also comes with an array of extras, for a fully customisable shelter that can weather any extreme that the swim might throw at you. It also boasts a refreshing amount of space, easily big enough to stand up in. Indeed, enough for three beds plus storage, the superdome bivvy is the perfect bivvy for long stay sessions. Whether you're with friends, or if you just want to feel as snug and comfortable as if you'd never left your home comforts. 

The Superdome bivvy features full through-access, as well as an insect cover on both entrances. This means you can get some air flow in warmer weather without the wildlife coming in to bug you. 

If that's not enough, Trakker have also produced a series of extras for your Superdome: 

The inner capsule clips in to make for an even warmer, homier experience, complete with sewn-on groundsheet. You can be sure that nothing's getting into your bivvy unless you want it there, and the insulation provided is absolutely perfect for the colder months. The inner capsule comes in either single or two-room, depending on your needs. 

If it's the outside of the bivvy that you're worried about, the superdome bivvy also comes with an extended wrap. Whether it's snow or rain, the superdome extended wrap is sure to keep your bivvy in one piece and perfect working order, which in turn keeps you safe, warm and comfortable. Combined with the inner capsule, the superdome bivvy becomes an impenetrable fortress of warmth. 

All in all, the Superdome is the ultimate in long-stay comfort. And with free delivery on orders over £20, you don't even need to worry about the shipping.