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Shimano USA Baitrunner OC

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Shimano USA Baitrunner OC

This reel the Baitrunner Oceanic is a sea fishing reel manufactured for the American market but has been highly regarded by British sea fishing anglers and freshwater anglers who find it perfect reel and at a very good price point.

The Shimano USA Baitrunner OC uses technology developed by Shimano making it a cut above other brands.

The reel comes in several sizes as with most Shimano reels there is a 4000, 6000, 8000 and 12000.

The USA Baitrunner OC reel also features Shimano’s trademark and revolutionary Baitrunner system. This system allows the angler to set the line to achieve a controlled free-spool – ideal for all big fish applications. The Oceanic is truly a revolutionary mid-priced reel, perfect for the dedicated angler, and can be used to its full potential across the disciplines. You’ll not be disappointed with this great performer.