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Shimano Aernos FB

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Shimano Aernos Reels

The reel is very attractive with its ultra-dark blue satin finish with red detailing on the spool and handle, this distinctive look makes stand apart from other reels.

The Shimano Aernos FB body is made from lightweight XGT-7 composite which is an upgrade from the XT-7 used on earlier reels from Shimano.

These reels also have the X-ship gearing which was once only found on Shimano's more expensive reels and the AR-C spool with its angled lip which is patented by Shimano. This spool design allows the line to leave the spool with less friction and in smaller coils resulting in longer more accurate casts.

Primarily designed as a spinning reel the Shimano Aernos FB also doubles up as a reel that can be used for float or feeder fishing.

This makes this a reel for anglers who want a combination of outstanding technology at a reasonable price.