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Shimano Reels

Shimano Reels

Shimano Reels

Shimano is one of the most famous and reputable brands in fishing. The Japan-based brand began selling cycling gear in 1921, but branched into the production of high-quality fishing reels in 1970. Shimano reels are now a well known source of quality and efficiency that cannot be denied, and are responsible for an incredible number of high profile catches. 

At Fishing Republic, we stock a wide variety of Shimano fishing tackle, with all the top name reels at prices to suit all budgets.

Shimano is widely regarded as one of the top reel manufacturers in the business. The name is synonymous with quality, consistency and reliability. Shimano reels are among the most popular and successful reels on the market, among both beginner to professional anglers. Featuring everything from the entry-level Alivio range to the Ultegra range, the Baitrunner series and the groundbreaking and iconic Shimano Aero Technium Mgs 12000XTB.


The ultegra range combines all of Shimano's combined knowledge and technology into a graceful, powerful and beautiful series of packages. All of the tried and tested technologies have been put together into meticulously designed packages, each synchronizing to create a precision Shimano reel for one of the hundreds of situations you may find yourself in on the swim. For cutting edge effectiveness, get yourself an Ultegra. Check out our models below!


We also stock an excellent range of Shimano Baitrunner reels. All of these cutting-edge products feature a common technology: The Baitrunner system. At the back of the reel hides a lever, which allows you to cast in freespool with ease. Our wide variety of models in all shapes and sizes mean that you are sure to find a Baitrunner model Shimano reel perfect for you! Check out our baitrunner models below to find the right one for you! 


The Aero is light, and efficient. Where other reels may use their bulk to deliver the playing power you need, the Aero uses technique; by efficiently transferring the force when playing the fish, this light reel can play with the big boys at a fraction of the size and weight. Features like the specially designed spool make for a smooth and long-distance cast, while its front drag is responsible for the incredible performance that this Shimano reel conveys. The aero is a precision tool, and you can get yours today! 

Shimano’s forward-thinking and revolutionary reels all feature a sleek and stylish design in addition to their practicality and quality. Shimano reels have unique features such as Ci4+ material, super slow oscillation, AR-C spools, X-Ship gearings and the brand new Hagane material.

This means that, no matter what your budget, situation or experience, there’s a Shimano reel just for you!