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Greys Fishing Tackle

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The original Greys Fishing Company was founded in 1968 when Malcolm Grey, one of the House of Hardy’s best fly rod builders, left Hardy to form his own fly fishing company.
From the start, Greys fishing tackle , especially the Greys fly fishing rods, became so successful and went on to win so many fly fishing tackle awards all over the world, it prompted Hardy to acquire Greys themselves in 1999.  It thus continued under the popular ‘Hardy Greys‘ fly fishing banner and the Greys Fly Fishing ‘brand’ continued to grow to such an extent that the House of Hardy actually changed their name in 2004 to Hardy & Greys Ltd.
As one of the most widely respected quality fishing tackle manufacturers and suppliers, Greys as a brand continues and improves to this day, leading the way in fly fishing innovation such as acquiring the ‘Powerlux’ license from 3M in 2015, and so being able to use this ultra-high technology to create some of the World’s best fly fishing rods.
Whilst Malcolm Grey’s superb fly rods provided the initial platform of success, continual development of associated fly fishing tackle such as Greys fly reels, Greys fly lines, Greys accessories and Greys clothing have proved to be equally high quality and appealing to all fly fishermen in just about every fly fishing situation all over the globe.
And amongst their legions of satisfied customers, Hardy & Greys fishing rods customer services has also consistently won world-wide awards for what many believe is probably the best after sales service in fishing tackle.


Greys Fly Fishing Rods

Along the way, Greys fishing rods have frequently attracted the attention of fishing pundits and experts all over the world and Greys fishing rods reviews are consistently up there with the best!

Current Greys fly fishing rods for sale such as the Greys GR10, GR30, GR50 and Range Topping GR70 offer super build quality on some of the finest blanks.  A Super wide range of lengths and #Weights allow fly fishing from the smallest brook and stream fishing, through all sizes of rivers and stillwaters.
Grey’s Double Handed Salmon and Spey Rods will easily compete with other brand leaders and offer some of the most effortless Spey Casting anywhere.

Greys GR70 Streamflex fly rods are the most recent rods in the award-winning Streamflex series and cover every river fly fishing angler's needs with a fast recovering, smooth, medium-fast action and are brilliant from dry fly, right through to heavy nymphing.
The Greys GR70 Salt is a salt water safe fly rod made with the latest Powerlux technology which provides  a fantastic strength to weight ratio.
The Greys GR70 COMP Specials are Competition fly rods built on an ultra-fast action PowerLux blank. Designed to cope with the longest and highest density lines giving the reservoir fly fishing angler the edge over his or her competitors.

Greys Fly Reels

Greys fishing reels have received practically as much praise and fishing awards as their fishing rods.
The Greys GX300 fly reel is a lightweight, narrow width fly reel with a ported large arbour design giving fast, level line retrieval.
The Greys GTS500 Large Arbour Cassette Fly Reels are among the best multi-spool fly fishing reels available with class leading build quality, Dual Rulon drags, and rapid line retrieval.
The Greys GTS800 and GTS900 fly reels are the very latest innovation reel from Greys fly fishing.
Machined from 6061 Grade Aluminium, lever-action spool release and central twin Rulon drags!


Greys Platinum Fly Lines 

The latest Platinum lines, the Shoot, Stealth and Extreme Fly Lines have all been designed to offer the very best Casting & Lasting performance using the latest Greys fly line profiles and technology. All offer excellent the slickest coatings and superb memory control.

Greys Leaders & Tippets 

Greys fly lines are also augmented by an excellent range of leaders and tippet material in G-Tec Mono & Flurocarbon spools, with their Greylon Tapered Leaders.

Other Greys Fishing Tackle

Building on their original expertise from fly fishing tackle, the Greys fishing tackle brand has now gone from strength to strength and applied their world-class expertise into most other forms and categories of fishing and now produce Greys coarse fishing tackle, Greys carp fishing tackle, Greys predator fishing tackle and Greys sea fishing tackle, as well as a comprehensive range of fishing accessories and clothing:

Greys Carp Fishing Tackle

Includes the super Greys Prodigy carp fishing rods, AirCurve rods and Greys GT fishing tackle range.

Greys Coarse Fishing Tackle

The hugely popular Greys Prodigy coarse fishing tackle series now includes a wide range of Prodigy Rods, Prodigy Rods and Greys fishing Accessories as well as some superb Greys Luggage.

Greys Sea Fishing Tackle

Includes a range of Greys sea fishing rods such as Boat rods, Beach Casting rods, Uptide Rod, Flattie and Bass rods and a very popular range of saltwater Ready Rigs & Traces.

Greys Predator Fishing Tackle

Under the Greys Prowla range of predator fishing tackle, they provide a good choice of predator rods, terminal tackle, luggage and accessories to assist you with all them ‘toothy critters’ !

Greys Fishing Clothing

Under its ‘Strata’  the Greys fishing clothing range has provided an excellent mastery of design, function, quality and value since its inception and continues to be sought after and relied upon by discerning fishermen.

The Greys Strata Range includes:

Greys Strata Fly Fishing Vest : Greys Strata Softshell Jacket : Greys Strata Guideflex Trousers

Greys Strata Wading Jacket : Greys Strata All Weather Jacket : Greys Strata Fishing Shirt

Greys Strata CTX Waders : Greys Strata CT & CTX Wading Boots.

And a good range of Greys Fishing Hats and Caps.

Greys Fishing Luggage / Bags

Providing a very wide range of dedicated Greys fishing luggage and bags, fishing holdalls, fishing rucksacks, rod holdalls, accessory cases and rig wallets.

Greys Fishing Tackle Accessories

As you would expect, Greys offer a comprehensive range of fishing tackle accessories, tools & equipment such as fly boxes, landing nets, line snips, bait-boxes, keep-nets, etc., to augment all their Greys fishing tackle categories.