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Garbolino Super Rocket

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Garbolino Super Rocket Picker, Match Rods

Garbolino and England International Darren Cox talks us through the range of Super Rocket rods: 

“The original Rocket series rods set a precedence in rod development at sensible prices, the Super Rocket Rods which are the upgraded versions have set the bar even higher!

What we tried to do with this range of rods is to provide the angler with rods which have perfect actions at realistic prices.

It doesn’t cost any more to get the right action in a budget rod, it just takes time making sure they are tested and reworked with the supplier.

Garbolino make lovely rods whatever the price level and the Super Rocket underlines our development commitments at every price point.

The Super Rocket Picker 10’ is probably one of the best-selling rods throughout Europe, and anglers who have bought them love them as they are perfect for catching tiny silvers on small hooks as well as huge carp on method feeder up to medium distances.

They will literally do everything and many anglers buy a pair to cover all their fishing. The Super Rocket Carp Match is built to the same quality and provides the ideal action for launching pellet Wagglers up to 50m as well as playing big carp quickly but safely to the net without any fuss.

If you need a bit more power to get some distance when feeder fishing for carp on commercials or rivers the take a look at the Super Rocket 11’ Feeder which will help you cast bigger feeders the required distance. These rods sell out of the shops from £34.99 RRP! Unbelievable value for money!