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Garbolino Altima

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Garbolino Altima 2 - Piece Pickers Feeder Rods and Rocket Carp Waggler Rods

Garbolino boss and England International Darren Cox commented on the new range of Altima rods which are available now through Fishing Republic online and in-store:

“The 2 piece versions of our Garbolino Altima 2 Piece Picker Feeder Rod and Carp Waggler Rods have gone down a storm in the UK.

We have designed these rods specifically with UK commercial fisheries in mind.

UK anglers want convenience when it comes to setting up and these rods fold away in two pieces perfectly with the rig and reel still in place so that you can be ready in seconds for every eventuality.

These super slim blanks ooze quality; beautifully lightweight but they still maintain fast actions for picking up on the strike and maximising bites.

Once you hook the fish the perfect blend of strength and forgiving tip and middle actions mean that they stay on the hook even at the critical netting point.

In the design of these rods we wanted that really slim look to the blank but it was critical to maintain that action, after a few prototypes we managed to get it spot on and in tests we landed some massive carp up to 16lb’s on the Altima Carp Waggler rod.

They handle big fish really well. The 10’ Altima Picker will punch out method feeders up to 45g comfortably medium distances if necessary and the Waggler version in the 11’6” length is versatile enough to cast big pellet Wagglers up to 15g on open waters for big fish as well as be perfectly comfortable on smaller venues with ‘pasties’ or F1’s where light 3-5g floats and a bit of finesse.

Don’t be put off but the slimness of these rods, they are extremely strong rods for Commercial carp fishing for fish of all sizes. These actions make these rods extremely versatile and they will cover many aspects of your commercial fishing rather than carrying lots of different rods. If you are in the market to buy something like this have a good look at the Altima range before you decide what to have”