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  • Dynamite Fresh Fish Mussel & Oyster Boilie Range Pop-Ups - 15mm Dynamite Fresh Fish Mussel & Oyster Boilie Range Pop-Ups - 15mm

Dynamite Fresh Fish Mussel & Oyster Boilie Range Pop-Ups - 15mm

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Dynamite Fresh Fish Mussel & Oyster Boilie Range Pop Ups - 15mm


Dynamite Baits Fresh Fish Mussel & Oyster Boilie Range

Fresh Fish Mussel & Oyster Boilie Range
The concept that Fresh Fish Boilies offer are they are made using the finest fresh fish instead of egg. This makes the baits more digestible and more nutritionally attractive to Carp than Traditional Boilies.
Hi Natural Attraction
Because of the High Levels of Fresh Fish used there is no need for an artificial fish flavour. When you open a bag of Fresh Fish Boilies you get a natural aroma of Fresh Fish Baits that only these real ingredients can give you. Due to the high level of nutritional attractants we have not had to add a flavour and yet the baits still give off masses of attraction.
Terry Hearn says:
Totally egg free packed with real fresh fish and rolled using the finest of fishmeals we just know we were onto a winner with this one from the very start.
Enhanced even further with what are quite simply the best in Green Lipped Mussel and Liver powders.
Tested with astonishing results in fact weve been crying out for more ever since! If youre after something a bit special then this really is the one. Without doubt the bait Ill be on this Spring and Summer
Do the smell test for yourself

The only way to truly get to understand this bait is to open a bag of this new concept in Carp Bait and you smell the baits for yourself. Immediately you will know you are onto a winner especially when you know all that fishy smell is totally natural. These baits contain no artificial flavours just pure finest quality fresh fish ingredients.
Smelling the baits makes you want to start feeding them in your target waters. Offering carp a nutritional food bait like this one gives you the confidence your target fish will become comfortable accepting Fresh Fish Concept baits as a food source. We highly recommend all food bait Carp fisherman become aware of what these baits can offer pick a bag up and give them a smell and youll be amazed!
Do the leakage test for yourself
By using Fresh Fish instead of egg this boilie has a high leakage rate giving off attractive amino acids as soon as it enters the water. Also by using Fresh Fish ingredients and small quantities of Oyster Shell the boilie is far more easily digestable and more nutritionally attractive to carp than when using traditional boilies made with egg.
Because these baits leak so well test them yourself. Drop a dozen baits in a glass of water and the baits start to leak. After a few hours youll see the attractants actually cloud the water.
Large quantities of Green Lip Mussel Extract Oyster and Liquid Liver have been added to give the carp a full balanced nutritional feed which proves irresistible and keeps them coming back for more.
Fresh Fish Boilies will catch more carp than traditional boilies.

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