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  • Dr Weils Hand & Surface Sanitiser Spray Bottle Dr Weils Hand & Surface Sanitiser Spray Bottle

Dr Weils Hand & Surface Sanitiser Spray Bottle

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Dr Weils Hand & Surface Sanitiser Spray Bottle


Ask any successful fisherman and they will tell you that 'Good Hands' can be the difference between catching and not catching. 

Dr Weils Hand Sanitisor  has been scientifically proven not only to kill Weil's Disease (rare but can be fatal - Leptospirosis) but also protects against the following viruses, while at the same time not tainting your bait 'Bad Hands'. It will also protect you from your bait..let me explain: 

  • E-coli
  • Influenza Viruses (Avain Influenza Bird Flu)
  • Gastro-Enteritis 
  • Streptococci 
  • Listeria

The listed bacteria and viruses (to name but a few) can make you every ill indeed. Think about this "how many times as a fisherman have you had an upset stoamch after fishings... ? Now consider this, maggots are hatched (blown) on offal or fish so think about the bacteria present in rotting meat. Bloodworm and joker are filtered  from the silt of semi stagnent pools and worms are stored in dung heaps and earth. Add this to the fact that as Anglers we have all been caught short at the water's edge and washed our hands in the water... Now eat your sandwiches and don't blame the beer the night before !


One bottle of Drweils anti weil's disease formula will give you Over 600 sprays per bottle which means much better value for money  than conventional alcohol gel or wipes that will taint your bait (Bad Hands). Drweils on the other hand also protects with its unique non alcohol based formula:


Especially formulated by fisherman and game enthusiasts with your unique needs in mind this 100 ml bottle gives pocket sized protection and value for money with over 600 applications per bottle.


  • SCENT & PERFUME FREE (so not to alert Fish & Game )
  • Allows you to HANDLE BAIT without taiting it 
  • Alcohol free (does not dry skin out and flash off ) 
  • No messy & bulky wipes littering the river bank 
  • Targets the things you don't want to catch
  • Anti Weil's  Disease Formula

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