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  • DAIWA - LIGHT ROCK 7ft0  2PC 0.5-5G - DLRF702ULS-AU DAIWA - LIGHT ROCK 7ft0  2PC 0.5-5G - DLRF702ULS-AU


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Daiwa LRF Light Rock Fishing Rod

Light rock fishing (LRF) is a sport that originated in Japan, so it is no wonder that Daiwa is one of the first of the major manufacturers to produce a top end LRF rod. Light rock fishing is one of the fastest growing areas of predator fishing and it is now not only popular in Japan but also in the UK. Despite the differences between the two, as island nations both Japan and the UK can offer similar coastal fishing experiences – even if the fish being caught are far from being similar. In both countries, light rock fishing is billed as a sport that allows anglers to catch the fish that are there, rather than failing to catch the fish that aren’t. In real terms, this means that LRF offers the much greater chance of a successful session, catching a handful of different mini species that inhabit the waters around the UK’s shores. Fishing ‘light’, with a reduced setup, can be one of the most effective ways to enjoy saltwater lure fishing, and dedicated LRF tackle ensures that you’re able to get the most out of this undervalued but growing area of the sport.

In order to allow you to target species on the smaller end of the spectrum, the Daiwa LRF rod is incredibly sensitive. With solid carbon tips on two of the three models available, you’re able to exert precise control over your lures. This is essential when you’re targeting any species with a lure, but it is particularly vital when you’re light rock fishing for smaller species. The solid carbon tips are also able to offer you increased bite detection. Bite detecting ability is an important feature of all rods but when you’re fishing for species on the smaller end of the scale this is particularly important, as takes are going to be significantly less severe. Similarly, the Daiwa LRF rod features a scaled down blank. This is not only true in terms of blank length (the longest rod in the range is 8ft in length) but also in terms of blank power. Entire casting range of the Daiwa LRF collection is between 0.5g and 10g, with the lightest rod only able to cast between 0.5g and 5g lures, and the heaviest rod able to cast between 3g and 10g lures. This scaled down casting ability is reflected in the rod’s fish playing ability and none of the rods in this range should be used to target hard fishing fish in extreme water conditions. The lighter rod setup ensures that you’re able to play the fish you’re likely to catch with confidence, without causing damage to your fish or the gear you’re using.

What’s more the blank on the rod is ultra-slim and constructed from high-grade material. This provides enhanced feel, as well as enhanced control, and it supports the light rod tips in their bite detecting abilities. You’ll be able to feel everything with this Daiwa LRF rod. The rod blank is furnished to the high standard that you’ll have come to demand from a top end piece of Daiwa machinery. This includes a Fuji reel seat and Fuji K Alconite guides. These ensure that your reel is held in the perfect position, whilst also ensuring that your line can travel friction-free along your rod. The grip of the rod has been split, for your comfort, and it is manufactured from Duplon material. This ensures that you can enjoy a firm grip on your rod throughout your use. The rod has a two piece construction, for ease of storage or transportation.

Whether you’re an avid sea angler who is looking for a new facet of the sport to sink your teeth into, or you’re a novice or junior angler looking to get started in an exciting area of lure fishing, the Daiwa LRF rod is the perfect tool for you.

Key Features

  • Ultra slim, high grade blanks
  • Micro pitch finish
  • Fuji K Alconite guides
  • Fuji reel seat
  • Split Duplon grips

Additional Information

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Manufacturer Daiwa
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