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  • D&S Crank 70mm/2-3/4-25.5g/ - D&S Crank 70mm/2-3/4-25.5g/ -

D&S Crank 70mm/2-3/4-25.5g/ -

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The D&S Crank is revolutionary in its ability to catch more fish and snag less in heavy cover where anglers don't dare risk using and losing other lures. It is also one of the first truly conservation-conscious lures that make catch and release easier, faster and safer for the fish. The triangular shape body is armed with a moving wide gape hook so that the point is protected by the presence of the lure'sflattened tail. Whether retrieved or trolled. Sebile's patent-pending Gravity Snagless Hook System uses the Earth's natural attraction to hold the hook down in its lowest position possible, permitting the bait to run through heavy grass,brush and rocks. When a fish bites, the closing pressure of the jaws on the lure will raise the hook point up to catch the fish's mouth. Once a fish is hooked, the hook's position lowers down under line tension, and the lures flat tail now locks over the fishes lip, leaving the ability of the fish to escape very close to zero!

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