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Coarse Fishing Tackle

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Coarse Fishing bait and tackle

Coarse fishing is particularly popular in the UK and Europe, as well as in some former British Commonwealth countries.Because of the popularity of coarse fish, and the multitude of rivers, canals, lakes in England, coarse fishing became one of the most common types of angling here.

Coarse fish are freshwater fish. In the UK you can find about 25 types of coarse fish. Some of the  most common coarse fish species are barbel, carp, rudd, dace, pike, perch, roach, chub, wels catfish.

Coarse Fishing Bait

Fishing baits are a very important part in catching fish. When choosing your fishing baits you have to take into consideration many factors like the time of year, water colour, the type of fish you're targeting, colour, style and size of the bait.

If fishing on a river for coarse fish like chub, barbel, roach, sweetcorn, dace or bream, the most successful hook baits tend to be maggots, casters, worms, cheese, pelletsboilies and groundbait.

The above baits can be used as loose feed, particle baits fed by hand, in a feeder, or by catapults

Groundbait is used to attract fish to the area where the angler has cast the bait. If you want to be more in control the quantity and presentation of the groundbait you can use a feeder, which introduces a precise amount of bait to the fishing area.

For predatory fish, you can use either dead or live bait, such as small fish. Dead bait is mainly used for larger predators, Pike, Zander, Perch and Eels. The use of an artificial lure, is also often for predators. Lures come in many shapes, sizes and colours, to mimic fish and they can be used at various depths. Spinning is also a technique used for predatory fish. It consists of spinning lures which are pulled through the water imitating small fish. 

Fishing Republic stocks a wide range of coarse fishing bait , like boilies, groundbait, particles, pellets, liquids, artificial bait and buckets and tubes from renowned brands like DynamiteCC MooreSticky BaitsSonubaits and Mainline Bait.

Coarse Tackle

The most common coarse fishing tackle are the fishing rods and fishing reels. The coarse rod is typically between 8 and 13 feet, and made from tubular carbon fibre or splits of bamboo. The reel is better attached near the base of the rod so it can hold a long length of line.

Pole fishing has also become very popular in recent years. Poles are usually made of very light carbon-fibre material and can be more than 50 feet long. In this case the line is attached to a piece of elastic to the tip of the pole. When the fish takes the bait the pole is taken apart and so the fish is landed. In that way, pole fishing makes it possible for the angler to place the bait precisely into a particular spot, without disturbing the fish and keeping control over the line. 

In float fishing, the bait is placed under a float made of plastic, wood or quill. The top of the float is painted in a bright colour so that it's easy to spot and keep an eye on when it starts moving and dipping under the surface of the water, indicating a possible catch.

Fishing Republic stocks an extensive range of coarse fishing tackle like fishing rods, fishing reels, line, poles, floats from leading brands like FoxDaiwaTrakker, and many more.

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