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  • CC Moore Geoff Kemp Vintage Flavours Rosehip CC Moore Geoff Kemp Vintage Flavours Rosehip

CC Moore Geoff Kemp Vintage Flavours Rosehip

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CC Moore Geoff Kemp Vintage Flavours Rosehip


Evaporated Milk/Ice Cream - 100ml Undoubtedly one of Geoff Kemp's most highly rated products, Evaporated Milk/Ice Cream is a superbly smooth, creamy flavour with an irresistibly moreish profile that fits perfectly with nut, bird food and milk protein baits but also rounds fish meal/savoury baits and those that contain other, more intense flavours. Green Zing - 100ml This legendary fruit flavour has a powerful ester-based profile with notes of blackcurrant, Tutti Frutti and other fruit flavours. It is extremely effective in high attraction hookbaits as well as milk protein and bird food boilie mixes where high levels of leakage are sought. Rosehip - 100ml This beautifully rounded flavour has a distinctive fruit and floral combination profile which is highly effective in hookbaits and boilies that are designed for year-round use. It works particularly well when applied to bird food, milk protein and fish meal boilie mixes and creates a unique label that consistently attracts fish in all water temperatures. Toffee Malt - 100ml One of Geoff Kemp's original best sellers, Toffee Malt is a rich, caramel-like flavour which lends itself perfectly to use in many mix types. Whilst all mixes are enhanced by the addition of this outstanding flavour, bird food, nut and milk protein baits benefit most, often taking them to an entirely different level of attraction.

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