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Carp Fishing Tackle

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Carp Fishing Tackle

Being a freshwater fish, carp fish are very popular in Europe and Asia. Carp fishing is by far the most famous amongst all the types of fishing in the world. 

In the UK's fresh waters  you can easily catch species like Mirror Carp, Leather Carp, Ghost Carp, Grass Carp, Koi Carp, Common Carp, Crucian Carp and many more.

Carp fishing is a long process, and sessions tend to be an extremely involved process. It’s not uncommon to be at the bankside overnight to try and get a bite, and as a result carp anglers need to come prepared. A carp setup is an investment that will give you as close as you can get to home comforts, while at the same time enjoying the freedom of the outdoors. We supply rods, reels, bivvies and bedchairs, as well as a huge variety of other carp fishing tackle that can help to make your session an exercise in relaxation and comfort.

Carp Bivvies

Of course, when dealing with the elements over long periods of time the first thing most people think of is shelter. When you’re carp fishing, you need to make sure you’re protected. Nobody wants to be rained on all night while they wait for a bite. With the variety of Carp Bivvies available here at Fishing Republic, there’s no need to get caught out in the rain again. Each one is made specifically for the purpose of fishing, so every eventuality is factored in. From weathering a night of wind and rain, to rushing out the door at the behest of your bite alarm, you’re in good hands with the many brands and ranges of carp fishing Bivvy available at Fishing Republic.

Carp Fishing Bedchairs

Now if the name of the game is home comforts with the freedom of camping, nothing gets closer than the bedchair. In the daytime, you can lay back in your chair with a beer. In the night, you have a proper bed to sleep on. All of the bedchairs in our selection are perfectly suited to any weather, and many of them have additional, optional components to make them even more effective at keeping you comfortable while you wait for the bite of a lifetime.

Bite alarms and rod pods

Of course, if you’re going to properly relax, you don’t want to have your rod in hand at all times, worrying about letting go in case a big old carp decided to have a go at exactly the wrong moment. For this reason, Rod Pods and Bite Alarms became exceptionally popular as bankside tackle. The rod pod can hold a number of different carp fishing rods firmly in place, and the bite alarm will give you ample warning when a carp takes your bait. Combining the two, you can practically forget that you’re fishing and still stand the same chance of catching your quarry as if you were holding a constant vigil for a nibble, if not more so. After all, a bite alarm eliminates the twitchiness that comes with eagerly awaiting that telltale bob, making false starts much less of a problem.

Carp Barrows

Nobody wants to trek three hours to find the perfect, unoccupied spot with three huge bags of kit slung over their shoulders. That’s a perfect formula for an aching back and a weekend of dreading the packup. Instead, pick yourself up a Carp Barrow to make transporting your tackle a breeze, even over long distances. Many barrows are designed to be functional even off the beaten trail, and many partner perfectly with their associated brands’ luggage ranges.

Fishing Republic

We sell top carp fishing tackle, everything from carp barrow, to bivvies, to fishing chairs, to carp fishing reels, to carp fishing rods, to hooks, to line and feeders, we have everything you need so you can make the most of your next fishing trip and make your next great fishing story even better!

Whatever you need for your carp session, whether your bivvy’s sprung a leak, your bed needs an upgrade or a big carp’s managed to snap your rod, we have something that’s guaranteed to get you back on the bankside. If you’re a new player in the Carp game, we have competitive prices on all the carp fishing tackle you could possibly need to get you started.

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