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  • Shireoaks Review

    Hi again. Well we’ve gone through some of what to fish with and how they’re working for me. So every now and then I’m going to review a venue or two, so if you fancy trying the places you’ll already have a bit of a heads up. As you know, I’m Robin, the Fishing Republic Customer Service Manager and this is my review of a place I grew up fishing – Shireoaks Lakes.

    Robin's view at Shireoaks Robin's view at Shireoaks

    Set very close to Worksop on the outskirts of the village of Shireoaks is Shireoaks Lakes. I started fishing these lakes roughly 20 years ago and went pretty much every week.  Anybody that’s been fishing a venue for this amount of time will obviously have a favourite peg. Mine is on the top lake which from the ground resembles a donut but if you’re looking on google maps it’s the one that looks like a house with an island in the middle. Now this water ranges from 2-3 foot to around 7 foot in other places.

    There are some nice features to aim for if you know what you’re looking for. You have a big island in the middle with a huge willow that overhangs the water in places creating some nice cover. There is a channel that runs from the side of the building to the centre which fishes well. There is a jetty coming off the island which a lot of people seem to like to hit and probably the biggest feature is the large cobble road at the top of the lake which is around 10-15 square feet and is like a feeding table for the fish which is generally where I like to fish. And then you obviously have the reeds around the outside of the lake. Now this lake has a lot of the regular species in you would normally see but with the addition to some very nice but very elusive grass carp. The grass carp do get quite big in here with 29lb being the biggest to come out. The carp in here get to around 20lb.

    There was talk at some time of people poaching the fish but this really isn’t the case.  If you talk to Leo the owner he can assure you the fish are fine. The fish have basically been fished for that much they don’t respond well to the same old tactics.

    And now we wait... Robin's set-up at Shireoaks And now we wait... Robin's set-up at Shireoaks

    The bottom lake is bigger than the top lake and a lot deeper in places. Whereas the top lake gets deeper very slowly the bottom lake drops to around 4-5 foot less than half a rod length out. The lake is a large rectangle with a massive island in the middle with far too many features to name but with small waterfalls deep silty bottoms and trees overhanging all over the place you should be able to get a bite or two. As for fish the same goes in this lake as the top one. Much the same as the top with grass carp to around 30lb and carp to around 25lb being the biggest but also holding some very chunky ide and tench.  Sweet baits do very well in both lakes and the odd fruity pop up will get a few. If you’re going for the smaller species then caster and sweetcorn do very well. Grass carp have fallen to bread but are very difficult to hook. Next time I’m down I will be trying my secret method for the grass carp which should go well.

    This really is a very good venue and good for anglers of all ages and abilities as you can park your car on your peg for 90% of them. If you go in summer and he still does it you should be in for a treat as the big building in the middle of the lakes is a pub and has been known to bring beers to your peg.

    Day tickets for Shireoaks are available from Leo when he walks round. You can’t miss him as he has a massive moustache. Two rods will set you back £6 which is good.

    Anyway get yourself down and have a look. I might even see you down there.

    Thank you for reading. Happy fishing and tight lines.

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