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Mainline Bait

Mainline Baits

Mainline Bait

Breaking records (and smashing PBs) since 1990

From the original Grange to Essential Cell, Mainline Baits have been at the forefront of carp bait innovation, development and excellence for almost three decades.

Today, the company’s extensive range of boilies and dips, groundbaits and pellets are the go-to bait for the country’s top carpers.

Amongst many others, Ali Hamidi, Dave Lane, Darrell Peck, Ian Chilcott and Tom Dove turn to Mainline Baits when targeting the wariest fish from the toughest waters - all year round.

The company’s High Impact shelf life boilies are proven to ‘nick a bite’ in the most unfavourable conditions - from the hottest summer days to the harshest winter nights.

And leading matchmen and specimen hunters have also seen their catch rates soar, with the help of Mainline’s Pro-Active Soft Hooker Pellets, expander pellets, pastes and groundbaits - all of which have become firm favourites with anglers targeting barbel, bream, chub, crucians, F1s and roach.

Nutritious and highly digestible - formulated using human food grade ingredients to promote fish growth and health - the company’s shelf life and frozen boilies are complemented by dedicated dips, popups, wafters and dumbells, helping you to ‘tailor’ your presentation.

And they’re backed by an extensive range of Response Pellets too enabling you to ‘match the hatch’ - enhancing your pre-baiting campaigns, spod and stick mixes.

Factor in the company’s all-new Dissolvas hookbaits - which break down slowly, to maximise attraction - and it’s clear: Mainline Baits’ commitment to bait innovation remains undiminished… despite almost thirty years’ heading the field.