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Dynamite Baits | Fishing Baits, mixes & additives

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Dynamite Baits

Dynamite Baits

Of course, almost every angler out there with has heard of Dynamite baits. In fact, many of them will have bought their boilies, pellets and ground baits. With innovations like the Swim Stim Fish Attractant, nobody can deny; Dynamite bait are one of the biggest names in Fishing Bait development.

“Made by anglers, for anglers”. This has been the concept behind the Dynamite Baits development process. Since the mid 90’s, the success of their customers is the fuel for their drive to innovate. The majority of more than 60 staff members involved in the development process are anglers themselves. As a result, Dynamite baits produce only quality, tested products with real bankside results. In addition to this, some of the top anglers work with Dynamite, supplying the feedback that shapes their leading products. 

Dynamite Boilies

Even though the world of bait changes rapidly and regularly, Dynamite bait remains focused on boilie production. Their recent Complex-T boilies and the acclaimed ‘The Source’ formula are just two examples of their expertise. Each and every boilie for sale is made at their Nottingham headquarters, so you can rest assured of their quality. However, this hasn’t stopped them from producing flies, pellets and ground baits, as well as their swim stim Fish Attractants. To top it all off, they offer ingredients and additives to give you everything you need to do some innovating of your own and create the perfect bait for any situation.

Dynamite Ranges

Complex T

A food bait with optimum dispersal in water and absolutely no artificial colours or flavours. Complex T is one of Dynamite’s most acclaimed bait lines. Its ingredients include LT94 fishmeal all the way from Norway, Haith’s robin red, and Spirulina, as well as several other high-quality ingredients to ensure only the highest quality of bait. Not only that, but it features an attractant that triggers feeding behaviour in fish, giving them that extra push to get on your line.

The results that Complex T offer are a result of the fact that it’s accepted readily by fish as a food source, and easy to digest. No matter what time of year it is, Complex-T will bring you success on the bank. 

Dynamite baits’ Complex T formula boilies come in a variety of forms, from wafters, to pop-ups, to hardened hookbats and much more. The Complex T formula is also available in the form of several forms of additive!

The Source

A name anglers all over will recognise, the source is a formula that has been in the business since 2002. Ever since, it’s been going strong as one of Europe’s favourites. This boilie is high in protein and has a spice to it that fish can’t resist. Crushed eggshell is incorporated into the boilies, giving them their telltale texture and the crunch that many species of carp look for in a number of their natural food sources.

Over the years, there have been attempts to replicate the effect of this iconic bait, but none of them were quite right. The iconic "The Source" formula is irreplacable. It’s so effective, many anglers consider it a go-to when fishing waters they’re unfamiliar with.

Dynamite bait’s The Source boilies are also available as either freezer or shelf-life boilies, or in the form of dumbells, corkballs, pop-ups, hardened hookbaits and solubles, as well as The Source base mix, dip and liquids.

The Crave

The team at Dynamite Bait created this bait to do exactly what it says on the tin; Fish crave the shellfish flavour and the soft texture this bait. Made with a basemix of top-grade pre-digested fish-meals and bird foods, The Crave is both nutritious and attractive to fish. Its specially selected ingredients trigger a feeding response that lasts and lasts.  

It flavours are created with a combination of tuna and anchovy meals, as well as a shrimp paste that dissolves readily in water. Its deep red colour makes it a perfect fit for Autumn, though it stays effective in spring and summer. In addition, a pungent salmon oil makes for even more effective attraction.

Dynamite bait’s The Source boilies are also available as freezer or shelf-life boilies, as well as dumbells, corkball wafters and pop-ups, as well as in a number of fluro variations for a bright pink colour variant. If you want to play with flavours, there’s also a liquid attractant and hookbait dip available of the formula.

Monster Tiger

When Dynamite bait set out to harness the power of the tiger nut, they knew it would be a challenge; Every angler knows just how effective a tiger nut can be. Dynamite bait’s team of top bait developers and battalion of bait testers really rose to the challenge of replicating those effects in the Monster Tiger Nut Boilie.

Of course, the bait’s flavourings include real, natural tiger nut milk, as well as tiger nut flour in its base. In addition, its nutrients and attractants blend and synergise perfectly with the Tiger Nut’s flavour profile. Monster Tiger Nut boilies have been an unmitigated success since their creation, and Dynamite Bait’s team really came through to create a bait formula that means even in venues that ban tiger nuts themselves, you can still get the same devastating impact.  

Dynamite Bait’s Monster Tiger Nut Boilies are available in both freezer and shelf life bags, as well as corkball wafters, pop-ups and dumbells, as well as several fluro variations.

Red Amo

Another variation on the Monster Tiger Nut formula, Red-Amo has a fruitier flavour than its predecessor’s vanilla palatant, which, when tested, proved to trigger a powerful feeding response. Red-Amo made a perfect partner to Monster Tiger, and that was only proved by the catches that started coming in. Within its first year, catch reports of over 55ibs were attributed to the boilie, and Red Amo has only kept bringing in results ever since.

Red amo is available in freezer or shelf life boilies, as well as pop ups and in the form of its own liquid attractant.


Carptec are a range of more generic but just as efficient boilie flavours, which come in a number of variants. The flavours available in the Carptec range are as follows:

  • Krill & Crayfish
  • Pineapple & Banana
  • Strawberry
  • Tutti Frutti
  • Spicy Squid
  • Bloodworm
  • Plum
  • Scopex

The variety of baits offered by Dynamite Bait makes for endless possibilities, and the value of each and every boilie is apparent in their track records for catching some of the most elusive fish in Europe.

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