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Fishing Bait - Boilies, Pellets, Groundbait

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Whether you're looking for the finest particle baits, 3kg sacks of boilies, carp bait, sea fishing bait and everything in between, we have it all at great prices both online and in store. Fishing Republic stock an extensive range of fishing baits and bait additives, as well as halibut and carp pellets, fishing boilies, ground bait, base mixes, pastes and more from leading brands. We carry the largest supply of match, coarse and carp bait in the country from leading manufacturers including Bait Tech, Nash bait, Mainline bait, Sonu and CC Moore.

Carp Fishing Bait & Artificial Baits

All fisherman need bait - without the right choice in bait you are not likely to catch the fish you are looking for. At Fishing Republic we are experts in all disciplines of fishing and only offer the highest quality fishing baits for carp, coarse, sea & predator fishing. We stock fishing baits from brands such as Sticky BaitsMainline BaitsDynamite Baits & CC Moore, all with experience of developing perfectly balanced baits for all types of fishing.


Boilies are the most commonly used carp bait around the world, these small, round boilies are specific developed with nutrients and flavours to attract carp. Freezer boilies are the most commonly used type of boilies amongst carp fisherman - this is due to the ingredients that are used in the making of the boilie. These ingredients are extremely attractive in water and this is the reason why freezer boilies are one of the most popular baits for carp. Shelf-life boilies have been becoming a more popular choice of fishing bait in more recent years; this is because they have similar properties to freeze boilies with the benefit that they do not require to be refrigerated. With the progression of fishing bait development & technology - a lot of shelf-life boilies are now as potent as freezer boilies. There are three primary ways of fishing with boilies. The first technique is cutting or crushing them into your groundbait mixes which increase the amount of ways that you can use them as bait. The second way is to use them as freebie baits. These are fishing baits that are not attached to your hook & are used to draw carp into your swim. Lastly, Boilies can be used as hook bait, which will need to be attached to your rig. There are many different rig setups that can be used to successfully fish for Carp with boilies as your choice of bait.

Groundbait and Particles

Groundbait is extremely versatile fishing bait that is used across different disciplines of fishing. It is a finely milled substance which can contain a variety of mixture of ingredients and can also differ between brands in terms of consistency. Groundbait is also available in a variety of colours, both natural and pre-dyed bait. Generally the darker coloured groundbaits work better in water and in cloudy water the more natural colours of groundbait are more commonly effective. Particles are extremely important whilst using groundbait to fish, particle bait is mixed with the groundbait to extend the breakdown time of the groundbait and also to add cloudiness or fizz actions.


Pellet bait is also very popular for both carp and coarse fishermen as an alternative to boilies. Pellets are regularly available in a variety of sizes from 3mm to 21mm with an extensive range of flavours. The main difference between pellets and boilies is the rate at which they breakdown, when pellets are saturated they loose their consistency much quicker than boilies. This makes them ideal for use whilst feeder fishing. Fishing Republic: Local Knowledge Nationwide for all fishing tackle and fishing baits