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Avid Carp DSK Rods

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Avid Carp DSK Rods


The DSK is a true casting tool. Featuring a unique blend of 46 ton and 30 ton carbon made with the finest Toray pre-preg materials. The combination of materials gives the DSK our signature action. Fuji K Series rod guides – with 50mm butt ring – are used to increase casting distances and reduce frap ups. The DSK comes with a BDPS Fuji reel seat – the first choice for many custom built rods. The 1k weave carbon wrap gives the rod a look that matches its distinctive hand-built finish. The abbreviated Japanese shrink wrap handle saves weight and helps increase casting distances. Features: Toray Carbon Fibre Toray carbon is widely considered the best available globally. It is a high-tensile strength modulus carbon fibre engineered by nanotechnologists to provide the optimum balance of strength, speed and lightness. It is used in satellites, racing cars, racing bikes and aeronautics. You'll find Toray fibre used on the wings of a Boewing Airbus, so it's the perfect addition to any fishing rod. Frequency Measured Each rod is matched on a Frequency machine, which measures how quickly the rod recovers to a stable position after a long cast. The fast-action Toray material offers maximum recovery of the blank following compression. Low Kick Point The DSK has a powerful parabolic action, which means under full compression the whole blank kicks back with full force upon release of the lead. There is a definite kick point in the butt that will help the angler cast their rig much further when the rod is compressed correctly. Extended MOI (Moment Of Inertia) The MOI balance in the DSK comes later in the cast, designed to suit the most powerful casting techniques. The MOI comes later in the cast, to maximise blank recovery. Rapid Energy Transfer Because of how the butt of the rod is built it means all energy used by the angler through his hands will result in a faster transfer of energy through the blank. It means those anglers with a poor technique but lots of grit and determination will still see great results. What does DSK mean? D - Distance. These rods are built to hit the horizon and beyond. S - Speed. The Toray fibres are immensely fast. K - The rod features the incredible K series rings, that help improve your casting range.

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